Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Now available from Oaklight Publishing! (Formerly Dreamz-Work Productions)

The Philosopher's Stone for the Transformation of Jupiter: Project Lucifer
By J. Edward Carper
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Strange things have been happening on Jupiter recently.  “Multiple impacts…” we are told, “Jupiter gets hit all of the time…”, they are lately saying, but only a few years ago astronomers promised us that planetary impacts, larger ones that could be seen from Earth, were very rare, “one in a thousand years” on Jupiter. We have now been told we have witnessed four separate viewable “Jupiter hits” in only 17 years.

Suddenly, we have to wonder, “Is Jupiter really getting smacked this much, or is something else extraordinary going on, especially in light of the fact that each said ‘impact’ is suspicious in nature?”

J. Edward Carper poses this question and more, and provides an alternative theory that is scientifically plausible to what may actually be happening on Jupiter.
“The Philosopher’s Stone for the Transformation of Jupiter – Project Lucifer” is not a book to miss or take lightly, and may very well hold some of the most important information for the coming years regarding a complete solar-system-changing event.

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