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December 21, 2012

With all the buzz about the coming "end of the world" prophesies, I thought I would post an essay for us on the December 21, 2012 date in history.


Alexander King, on the New Age Dawning (Dec. 21, 2012)

What is the meaning of this fated date? I’ll attempt to answer that astrologically and astronomically. I’ve studied the chart for this date and time for a while now. These are my interpretations.

Lore has it that humankind is in our 5th age. According to several ancient traditions, the farther away from the galactic core (center of our galaxy) our planet gets, the more disconnected we become from each other and our Earth. The good news is that at December 21, 2012, the position of Earth in our galaxy begins to once again move closer to the galactic center. Dec. 21, 2012 is the point where we are the furthest from the core; the super sun of the galaxy so to speak.

Most of the prophecies of the ancients were letting us know that it is up to us as to the manner of the transition into a new age that begins at this time. That is why they were warning us about it with the monuments and other structures. I am of the opinion that each of us, everyone, has a part to play in how well the transition goes into the new age. That even our individual choices in our day to day lives can make a big difference.

But even if there comes much calamity, the over-arching idea is that when the transition is over, we will have a better, more peaceful world to live in. Edgar Cayce, known as “the sleeping prophet,” had two separate visions of this time in his readings, the first vision was of much turmoil for the transition, but the second one that came later in his life was of a more gradual and gentle one.

Here is my astrological interpretation of this fated date and time in history.

Looking at the chart for Dec. 21, 2012, I must say it doesn’t look like any ordinary day at all! There is a pattern in the chart that is know as the Yod, or fated day, involving two of the malefics, Pluto and Saturn, with the object planet being Jupiter. The other Malefic, Mars is found in the house of endings. The Sun is square Uranus, the Sun being the most important point in a chart and it is in a hard aspect to Uranus the planet of sudden and drastic change. The moon is in Aries that day, a moon of war or at least lots of energy and impatience.

Back to the Yod pattern in the chart. The slow moving planets involved in the Yod are in almost exact aspect, just a few minutes off among the three. That is highly unusual, and the object (the problem to be solved) is Jupiter and it’s found in the fourth house of the home. If home here is the world and the tools to solve the problem involve, power, death, time, and limitations, we have a recipe for a very important day indeed….

On the other hand, an individual’s personal natal chart can indicate how they will fare during this period in our history. I don’t think it’s the end of the world on a global scale (like a meteor snuffing out all life) but something will likely happen to make people question everything!

Here’s an interesting point. Humanity will have to own up to being too selfish and hypocritical. At the risk of being too preachy, I will say that those of us who have examined and accepted our dark side will fare better as a whole. There will be the beginning of a shift in philosophy, a new religion or spirituality will begin to supplant the old, more rigid religions. There will be an unraveling from a kind of strait jacket. Pluto and its placement here will actually be one of the better tools for humanity at this time. It will be in a place to usher in the death (transformation – end of old beginning of new) in a more orderly way.

Also in the chart there is a square between expansive Jupiter (involved in that Yod) in the house of the home and watery Neptune . This is an aspect for flooding. Venus being in the center of the Yod, between Pluto and Saturn, and opposite Jupiter, means, among other things, that humanity has overindulged or that over indulging is part of the problem with the shake up that is going on. Jupiter’s involvement, the Sagittarius MC and Venus in Sagittarius all indicate that the problems and solutions are connected with religion and philosophy.

Finally, the north node found in Scorpio in the 9th house, adds more weight to the notion of this chart being one whereby the native, in this case, humanity, now needs to let go of the fear of loosing everything. We will have to learn to trust in things other than the material and wealth. We are going to be moving (transforming) into a people who put more of our eggs in the basket of the spiritual. It is the true end of the age of Pisces and the beginning of the age of Aquarius.

Perhaps those who get what is going on at this time and are in tune with it at the highest level, will be in a position to become immortal or have an absolute knowledge of the continuity of life – that the physical death is just a doorway to a different and better existence. People of this mind will usher in the new age with a new thinking that relies on things other than getting rich, grabbing power over others, and the fears of living and dying.

A phrase comes to my mind; “immortality consciousness.” I see Immortality Consciousness as one major theme of the new, 6th age of humankind.


Alexander King is the author of the short work, Planetary Magic, now on Nook and Kindle, and runs the blog,

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